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Heart vs. Head - Who Wins?

Good Morning:

Sorry for all the downer posts lately.  Haven’t been in a very positive mood… I’m trying to fix that…

Yesterday my sister (who is dating my ex’s roommate) said that the whole crew dislikes his new gf.  They say she starts drama and just overall they don’t like her.  At first this broke my heart - reminding me that I could have stayed and things would be better… Then I rememberd… I shouldn’t have stayed. 

I know it’s not good to wish bad things on people but at the same time I’m glad they’ve seen that I wasn’t a bad person.  I’m glad that for all the mean things they did to try and break us up they are finally seeing that it was a bad idea.  So I know I should be happy about their dislike of her but in a way I am…

I know I couldn’t keep compromising myself and I know I couldn’t stay in a relationship with someone that didn’t deserve to be with me but still… So my head and heart are at odds… what’s new?

I do have one question for people… How do I get over my trust issues? I get jealous very easily and I need any and all advice on how to get past this! Please and thank you!